Illawarra Advocacy Services Submissions

To support our advocacy work we produce comprehensive submissions and publications on key policy issues affecting the economic development of the region.

Making it easier to do business

Submissions play a key role in identifying and providing evidence on the types of challenges faced by businesses in order to provide feedback from a business perspective and recommend viable policy solutions. 

To influence government, we focus on policy issues affecting the Illawarra such as reducing the burden of government taxes and regulation, successfully advocating for improvements to regional and local infrastructure and working to increase the availability of skilled workers.

How do we do this

Our objective is to give constructive and persuasive advice to all levels of government, using feedback based on the experience of our members in and the expertise of our policy professionals. 

We are actively involved in policy debate on key economic and business issues and aim to foster a business environment in the Illawarra region that is conducive to profitable business growth, sustainable job creation, and sound economic and social progress.